What Is It All About?

• Practitioners of marketing often do not understand the underlying essential or basics of marketing.
• Before applying sophisticated marketing theory and practices (buying marketing books from Barnes and Noble), the underlying essentials must be clearly comprehended.
• This seminar will focus on seven essentials of marketing.

Why Attend 7 “Stupid Simple” Truths About Marketing?

• Because what you learn is simple and easy to apply.
• Because application of the knowledge and skills learned will create more customers and retain more current customers.
• Because a more highly competitive marketplace requires more skilled, well considered marketing efforts.
• Because it puts you on a level paying field with, marketing savvy ad agencies or the big boxes.
• Because media companies are good at selling advertising to Luigi’s Pizza but less skilled selling Luigi’s pizzas to his customers.

Marketing Defined:
The process of moving goods and services from the producer to the consumer. (Ain’t it simple?)


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